Monday, 7 May 2012

Pas Un Autre

Last night I uploaded my Graduate Fashion Film to vimeo, I had no intentions of posting my fashion film online and publicly (i.e on blogspot and tumblr) until nearer the Scottish Fashion Awards, however I wanted to have it online, to hand incase I had to show anyone. Luckily for me a beautiful and innovative journal and magazine entitled 'Pas Un Auture' stumbled across my film and posted it on their website which made me feel very honoured and proud.

Here is the link to their website, where you will find my video named after the collection "Societies Labyrinth". I would love to hear some feedback on the film and let me know what you think.

Once again, I must thank photographer Nick Paton for filming and being a life saver on the day of the shoot, MUA Sophie Pasola, Model Elizabete Sing and Reiss Anderson for editing the music perfectly! Without any of them, this would not have been possible.

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